The Astrological Impact of The Halloween Full Blue Moon - Horoscope

How This Taurus Full Moon Impacts The Collective

The full moon in Taurus marks the 2nd full moon within a month. I find it very symbolic that the first full moon was at the beginning of the month and the second full moon is now at the end of the month.  This is a rare Blue Moon because a full moon occurs twice in one month. Additionally, a full moon in Taurus is a rare occurrence that happens maybe once every 19 years. Two full moons within a cycle also indicate that there is a need for release.


Full moons, unlike new moons, are here to bring us rewards of completed cycles or for us to let go and integrate new ways of being.


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This full moon in Taurus, also known as the hunter moon, will highlight your relationship to love, money, and pleasure. This will cause you to wrap up cycles in matters of love and relationships or possibly even a sudden change of heart.


Full Moon in Taurus, an Earth sign in charge of beauty and harmony, in the season of water sign Scorpio, ruler of intimacy and shared resources, asks “What are you allowing that may be causing discord in your life?” “What ways of being or doing are hindering the harmony you seek - whether it be self-sabotage, poor spending, or in letting love go?”


The Taurus full moon is like a portal falling just before the Day of The Dead, it is as if the lifted veil is truly giving you the opportunity to walk situations that are no longer fruitful into the underworld. On October 1, the Aries full moon went from one energetic field to the next. On October 31, is the day where it is much easier to see death. It is not taboo in the energetic or metaphysical sense of death. The old ways of being and doing are coming to light or shall I say the dark?

Your Astrology on This Hunters Moon 2020



Aries, you are the representation of self for the Zodiac. In true fashion, Scorpio season is forcing you to examine where you show up for yourself in your intimate relationships with those you share space or business investments with. Scorpio season and Mercury retrograde are calling you to examine how you communicate your needs over the needs of others. The ability to put yourself first and to foster change and advancement for yourself. Especially when others don't align and can't reconcile differences. Full Moon in Taurus is an opportunity for you to examine the parts of yourself and relationships that you are no longer able to speak life into and letting go of the ways in which you allow the collective desire to interfere with your own. Mars is your ruling planet of action, is helping you take decisive action for your greater good. 


Going into this week your focus and energy are on money, resources, and structure. You naturally seek to find harmony in your relationships and in Scorpio season you learn to communicate with almost a Libra-like balance and approach with Venus energy. Next week, mercury retrogrades in your fellow Venutian. You seek to get more grounded in this new energy and it will require you to become lighter by letting go of old structures and attachments to what used to bring Harmony. There are four retrogrades affecting different areas of your life regarding action communication and even your very perception of certain situations. The full moon in your sun sign will have an impact on how you express what is truly hindering the harmony and peace that you seek. The Taurus full moon is allowing us to truly heal and walk away from things that no longer serve us even if it means identifying ways we contribute to the status quo. What old archetypes are you releasing in this Full moon? What are you letting go of to find peace?


Next week for you Gemini, will call you to tap into your Mercurial nature. While Mercury may be in retrograde in your fellow air sign Libra, you have a knack for balance as you desire a sense of community, movement, thought, travel, and ideas. Scorpio season calls on you to challenge your fears of working with others. Scorpio season wants you to examine how you communicate with others and where you're thinking or overthinking on possible outcomes or the reception that your desire stifles your actions toward it. The full moon in Taurus asks Gemini to release their toxic ideology on old wounds with relation to building a sense of community, transforming how your inner conversations affect your personal collective experience. Your thoughts are your agreements.


Mercury retrogrades in Scorpio until October 27th causes you to evaluate how you communicate from an empathic view versus a self-protective point of view. Look at how you communicate regarding your needs versus others with empathy. Your thoughts control your reality. Your actions are the sum of your perception, an opportunity to revisit the situation with a new perspective with a chance for resolution. The full moon in Taurus by Halloween October 31st is asking you to release these old wounds and ways of thinking and confront old habits that are truly blocking you from expressing yourself successfully through communication in your love career or general partnerships.


Scorpio season has caused you to examine where your true self is being called into question. How you communicate and share yourself and thoughts with your personal collective. How are old ways of communication allow unrealistic expectations of understanding on those you wish most to be understood by? Taurus Full moons is asking you, Leo, where you are allowing old wounds of intimacy hinder you from truly receiving the love and understanding you truly seek? Is it your audience or is there something in you that is not allowing harmony? As the physical representative of happiness & source of energy( Leo's planetary ruler is the Sun), allow the moon to reflect this light on where you sabotage yourself in gaining your true happiness.


Scorpio season brings together the energy of service coupled with a focus on how you show up in service to yourself and those with whom you have intimate and interpersonal relationships. Mercury retrograde, your planetary ruler, is causing you to analyze your methods of communication and being able to actualize what you want in your work life, your friendships, and your relationship. The full moon in Taurus wants you to analyze where old wounds hinder communication in the advancement of your relationships. Ask yourself what old wounds concerning communication are affecting your relationships and career.


Libra going into Scorpio season, you are taking the energies from the preceding month, which focuses on energy relationships, partnerships, and marriage, and going into next week with Libra squaring Capricorn during the Mercury retrograde.  This causes you to reevaluate how you have communicated those resources with respect to your love, time, and expectations of outcomes in relationships and business partnerships. You may have recently been disappointed with a relationship or contractual outcome. Lack of clarity early on in contracts may have you reflecting on how to better make use of time and communicate in ways where you don't short termly get satisfied and long termly left for wanting by short-sighted limitations. The full moon in Taurus for you Libra is shining a light on your wounds and your ability to communicate despite them. Face those inner blockages and decide to release and truly find the balance you seek.


Our reality and thoughts and actions are all within our power and perception on the October 31st, Halloween Full moon in Taurus, also known as the Hunter Moon or a Blue moon. The energies are calling us to banish negative feelings and also the opportunity to face inner demons. Scorpio, master of death and transformation, you will still be tested to resist the temptation or to be overtaken by the energy and taking unnecessary risks. Ruler of intimacy and shared resources, the full moon shows you where your communication or lack of communication has left you unhappy or unheard, regarding how you give and receive intimacy, responsibility, or finances in your relationships.


Sagittarius going into next week as a Jupiter-ruled sign, you are the sign of luck and spiritual growth. You are the seeker, the explorer, the traveler of the zodiac. You seek higher education and in Scorpio season, you look to be with the collective and how your intimate relationships with others reflect learning and philosophy and moving overground. This one's a mental one for Mercury retrograde. Sagittarius, this Full moon in Taurus asks you to examine where you may be blocking yourself with your collective in your personal life and relationships. Where are you hindering yourself to travel across new ideas or even commitments with the ones around you? How are you allowing your interpersonal relationships to affect your growth? Taurus full moon gives you an opportunity to see if it's self-deprecating or self-deceptive behavior getting in the way of you and your movement towards what it is you truly desire.


Capricorn, going into next week, you look at the world with a hands-on and ambitious approach. With Libra in retrograde Mercury, it is causing you to refer back to a previous experience during the new moon. What you learned (or didn't) from this experience are being amplified through your actions at present. A major outward change is on the cusp of affecting your personal finance, your career, and your physical reality is in the works. Between October 27th and October 31st, you will vacillate between finding balance in your relationships and career while actively pursuing your material and physical goals. This full moon in Taurus asks you how are you transforming communicatively in order to cooperatively gain? What wounds are you letting go in order for you to gain with your personal collective?


Aquarius, next week you are confronted with your hidden talent. Scorpio season focuses on intimacy and shared resources, respecting your ability to merge concepts and ways of thinking, much like your Uranus ruling planet. Your approach to life is sideways, different than most people, and next week's Libra aspect with Capricorn sort of forces you to merge your air sign fluidity with Earth sign grounded focus to cause a change in various aspects of your personal life. You may be reflecting on past relationships were or working relationships where you were unable to merge and integrate your talents. The full moon in Taurus calls you to examine where you hinder self-expression with others. Release self-limiting behaviors that don't allow you to be yourself. Just because other people may have mismanaged this vulnerability, doesn't mean vulnerability is bad. Your discernment on who and how you share is in question.


In this upcoming week, Pisces, you are learning to communicate no longer from a sense of powerlessness. You're examining your hidden power and weaknesses in relation to how you share them with yourself and others. Neptune, your Sun signs planetary ruler and Mercury planetary ruler of communication, is in retrograde and will signify your need to examine communication within self-response to intuition and self-deception so that you can realize what illusions you create. This can be an opportunity for spiritual growth and expansion, old lessons and wounds will be revisited. Upon the full moon in Taurus, you have the chance to let go of self-deception and step into your power, letting go of old habits and ways of communication.

So What Now?

Appreciate the importance of this full moon. The next Halloween full moon won’t arrive until 2039.


Let us know what you are releasing for this Halloween, Full Blue Hunters Moon of October 31st, 2020 in the comments.


Malika Cameron

Oh boy! Where should I start?…. Let’s just say after reading….Pisces-Capricorn-Scorpio. The church bell’s rung. I felt like I was in church and that ceremony was for me… Preach❣️


Amazing article! I read both my sun and rising sign and I can already see the themes playing out. Thank you for the guidance!

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