The November Super New Moon in Scorpio and You - A Horoscope

Kimiko Johnson

The November Super New Moon in Scorpio and You - A Horoscope

A Super New Moon happens when the moon is at the closest point to the Earth. We are still currently in Scorpio season and this is a time for transformation in the physical body, mind, relationships, and financial situations. The Super New Moon in Scorpio is the last we will see for quite some time and carries the energy to help usher in the change that allows us to heal deep emotional and ancestral wounds.

Throughout the majority of Scorpio season, there have been many planetary shifts that have impacted the collective in specific areas. In the Full Moon in Taurus article, we examined what was uncovered from the Mercury retrograde that aligned in timing with that transit and reoccurring unresolved issues that surfaced. At this time there are many uncomfortable/unpredictable truths coming to the surface regarding money, relationships, and partnerships.

Two days before the Super New Moon, Mars Retrograde ended in the sign of Aries (Nov 13), while it is the natural ruler of the sign of Aries this past transit can only be defined as a shakeup in our lives. The organized chaos we may have been experiencing the past week will begin to ease. The ability to take decisive action will proceed to pick up momentum as Aries returns to its normal or "direct" travel. 

Mars goes direct for the next two years

The retrograde caused us to take a pause. The effects of the Mars retrograde leading up to the Super New Moon caused the collective to engage in deeper shadow work. During the period leading up to the Super New Moon, the collective will experience and face issues with uncomfortable power dynamics, finances, and lack of motivation in various areas of their lives. November 14th starts the descent of the Super New Moon and it's asking us to face our shadow sides, to be honest with ourselves about our desires as well as our fears.

What you need to know 


Lastly, while the moon and planetary shifts bring a multitude of energies to us they also help foster the outcomes combined with free will. Those who act in lower vibrational, immoral, and deceitful ways to achieve their goals will be successful but the success will be followed by immediate disappointment, disillusionment, and misfortune. As above, so below. Those who continue to do both the internal and external work will bring evolution and prosperity to them on a soul level. 

This is a time for deep reflection on yourself, through journaling and going within. Many have already intuitively withdrawn themselves from others. With Scorpio Stellium(Sun, Moon, and Mercury) we are all focusing on how we share our material emotional, and mental resources and how that has affected us to present. On the bright side, there is a Capricorn Stellium (Jupiter, Saturn, and Neptune) that can bring positivity to those actively working, there will be altered paths or detours, unexpected money and delays coming in, as well as a change in how you utilize your time.

Next Steps for New Moon Success


  • Clear your energy and space using a clearing and protecting incense or herb blend  
  • Tune into and meditate with Rose Quartz Selenite or Amethyst crystals
  • Release control  
    • When you loosen your need for control of what's happening around you, the universe will surprise you.


The Signs and The New Moon in Scorpio



The super moon is shining its light on your ability to take action in the best interest of yourself. You are learning to allocate your financial and emotional resources to yourself and those who support you. The Super New Moon in Scorpio coupled with Mars going direct in your sign will assist you as its transit will be direct for the next two years. During this time you not only recognize your power but act in your self-interest and matters of finance and love.


During this new moon phase, you're finding balance in your one-on-one relationships. The moon's current placement in Scorpio and Taurus’s current placement in Uranus is ruling your level of higher thinking. Taurus you are now developing your emotional connections to others as well as finding balance within yourself. You are releasing old ideas of value systems that are no longer in harmony with the relationships you are trying to create and maintain. If you have done the self-reflection and the releasing from our previous super full moon in Taurus this current lunar cycle will bring you nothing but Harmony and love in life.


The new moon shines its light on your routines during this particular transit, you are guided to invest in how you organize in every facet. Especially your thoughts. This will reflect in all aspects of your plans and endeavors in the future. The new moon assists you in decluttering all that prevents you from collaborating with those closest to you as well as calling in the people, places, or things to aid you on your journey. Gemini is mindful of your routines and incorporates your spiritual practices in everything you do.


Cancer you were ruled by the moon so you're currently going within to evaluate your understanding of love for yourself and the clarity of what you want in a partner. There is an overwhelming sense of freedom and understanding of what it is you truly desire. This Super New Moon in Scorpio is activating your ability to manifest love. If you have done the work and you have removed all blockages and wounds preventing your personal growth you will receive your heart's desire.


Leo the Scorpio new moon is affecting thoughts, emotions, and feelings that have been deeply repressed. This new moon will aid you in letting go or releasing what has truly been weighing you down. You are presented with the opportunity for success at home and work by using Mars going direct and your fellow fire sign Aries to take charge and decisive action towards the areas that bring you instability. Your ability to identify ways of being that no longer serve you bring in the stability that will have long-term effects in your lifetime.


During this period like the hermit, the Scorpio New Moon is the lantern shining its light on your internal evaluations of your emotions. There is an intense emotional honesty arising concerning old wounds and karmic cycles. You are coming out of a cycle that is allowing for a greater sense of connectedness both to oneself and your spiritual journey. During this particular planetary and lunar transit, you are guided to go within your Shadow work will produce what it is you truly desire.


Libra this Scorpio Super New Moon is now making it apparent where you need to focus financially. Mars going direct will allow you to take decisive action in finding balance in your ability to pursue your goals and will be revealed through the truths about your relationship to money. During this time allow yourself to fully look at how you previously acquired wealth and relation to those you work with or collectively share resources. You may feel like you have been stuck but you will soon pick up momentum once you plot your course.


This is the last Super New Moon of the year, so that means it will be even more powerful and far-reaching in your life. This is your moon Scorpio and you are reflecting on the events leading up to this moment you realized that you deserve peace and you are using all of your resources collectively. You're communicating from a place of self-awareness and realizing that you desire healthy partnerships. The new moon is ushering in a new phase of self-actualizing, you have had much reflection and have decided in true Scorpio nature to shed what no longer serves you to emerge as the new you.


Sagittarius, the new moon is incredibly powerful for you, you are tapping into one of your strengths. You normally come off as an unemotional being and it is furthest from the truth. During Scorpio season and especially during this new moon you are learning that your emotions are your strength. You are learning to make decisions based upon emotional intelligence and trusting that you are making the right decision without confirmation from outside yourself. This past transit has triggered you to go within and you have found that your emotions are sound so long as you trust you.


Capricorn during the Super New Moon you are coming to terms with your integrity and morality. You are realizing that there is a need for financial security and at this time you are examining your relationships and partnerships and the ability of them to Foster or reciprocate stability. Proceed with caution and truly go within to ensure that your actions are maintaining integrity This Super New Moon can bring you what it is you truly desire only if your intentions are pure.


Aquarius the Scorpio new moon will strongly affect the path in life in which you pursue, you've had a rough year this far but these past lunar transits have fostered you an opportunity for growth. You are coming to the crossroads between accepting who you truly are or continuing to vacillate between who you think others want you to be. You are allowing the moon to illuminate the areas in which you have grown to guide you in the direction of your happiness.  

Side note: Be yourself!


Pisces this new moon asks you to look at where you have been disillusioned in your life regarding yourself and your relationships. Moon in Scorpio, your fellow water sign is urging you to go within and heal how it is you share resources. There is a much-needed shift in how you express and receive love and communication within your relationships. This is the time to release ancestral wounds and karmic cycles. You may have felt like you are currently stuck in a time loop, this is a perfect opportunity for you Pisces to finally free yourself from what may have been laying dormant deep within. You may be facing unpredictable truths but only you can decide how to move when it is fully discovered. 

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