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Pandemic Updates

Due to pandemic concerns our retreats are available for individuals and groups who are already connected to each other through a prior relationship - friends, family, business owners, coworkers. The dates are listed in a broad range due to the system at hand. We keep this information up to make it easy for you to see the itinerary, descriptions, and pricing. Once we settle on the perfect time for you or your group, we will create a program link that is specific to the appropriate dates. Please connect with us to discuss the program and define the perfect adventure for your team.

About Cloud 9.5 Retreats

We are at an important time on Earth. The worlds we admired in real life and on TV are not what we thought they were. Society and technology changed the way we interact, work, love, live, and succeed.


Cloud 9.5 Retreats are 6-night, 7-day retreats based in the lush and beautiful Portland, Jamaica. You will experience a week of inner reflection, clarification, defining, activities, and ceremonies amongst the rainforest, waterfalls, rivers, and beaches. 


The purpose of Cloud 9.5 Retreats is to connect you to your true self, the self underneath all the baggage of the past, the chaos of the present, to help you realize and attract the right life for you.


Mute our distractions | Return to nature | Connect to your true self

Healers Launch



This experience is for metaphysical professionals who are interested in hosting a retreat in Portland, Jamaica.

Unconditional Self-Love



This excursion is the retreat version of the 30 Days to Unconditional Self-Love eBook.

Living In Love



Couples will enjoy a wonderful experience of deepening connection, healing, and creating memories.

Light In



This retreat is specifically for people who are burned out from work, their everyday lives, and society.

Ready For Love



Singles enjoy this experience because it prepares them to be able to be open to love again.

Retreats to Learn, Reset, and Ascend

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