Soul Contract Transmutation Reading

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The Soul Contract is your spiritual Navigation system found in the form of your birth name. This chart is generated in Hebrew and then converted to numeric values. Your birth name is then calculated which gives us insight into things about your life such as your Physical/Spiritual Challenges, Talents, and Goals along with an interpretation of your birth name. Although there is no specific path we have to follow this reading will surely spark something within you, get you up, and move in the direction of manifesting your deepest desires.

What is included in this reading?

  • Chakra Scan and Reading along with interpretation
  • Soul Contract Map
  • Soul Contract Interpretation
  • 1 hour QA session  This reading takes up to 48 hours to complete and is delivered via email in pdf format.

What information is needed to complete this reading? 

  • Full birth name 
  • Date of birth 
  • The email you would like this reading delivered to

Once the reading is complete a 1 hour Q &A Session is available. 

This reading is performed by Shannon Renee.

This reading comes in document and image formats.