Metaphysical Profile

Metaphysical Profile

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You are probably wondering why you are here, but more importantly...why are you here now at this time with these people?


The Metaphysical Profile combines lessons from Tarot, Numerology, and Astrology to show you how everything comes together to create you.


The Metaphysical Profile is a 12-point profile that gives you an in-depth analysis of your soul’s journey and purpose.

What Will You Learn


  1. What you came here to learn this lifetime
  2. Your purpose through lifetimes
  3. Tarot Constellation
  4. Hidden factor Is it a teacher or a shadow?
  5. Zodiac Card
  6. Your card for this year
  7. Next Year
  8. Last Year
  9. Soul Number Numerological Lessons and Opportunities
  10. Zodiac Lessons and Opportunities
  11. Destiny Card
  12. Persona Card

What Infomation Do We Need to Complete The Profile?

Your Information:

  • Date of Birth
  • Birth Time
  • Birth Location

If you do not have your birth time or birth location, you can still receive a Metaphysical Profile. You will be missing a few points, but feel free to get back to us when you receive the information.

Turnaround:  Within 48-72  Hours

Format: Full-Color PDF Document