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Skin Tight Cellulite Scrub

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Skin Tight is a coffee-infused coconut oil and Himalayan Pink Salt-based cellulite scrub. Created with organic ingredients, our scrub was designed to provide maximum benefits without using unnecessary and unnatural ingredients.

We believe in the healing power of plants. Every ingredient plays an active role in healing.

Coffee reduces water retention and increases circulation in the skin. The natural antioxidants in coffee help release the toxins that play a role in the development of cellulite. The caffeine in coffee smoothes the skin and decreases wrinkle formation.

Coconut Oil moisturizes skin and breaks down fatty deposits within cells.

Himalayan Pink Salt penetrates to the fat layer just below the skin to nourish it with dermal enhancing nutrients found within the natural minerals. It also balances hormones to generate fat cell movement within the body while drawing out toxins that hang out in the fatty deposits of cellulite. We chose Himalayan Pink salt for all of the reasons above, but primarily for its excellent exfoliation ability. The texture of the salt combined with Himalayan Pink Salt’s aptitude for deep penetration makes it easy for our coffee infused coconut oil to deliver its benefits to your targeted cellulite areas.  

If aging body skin is a concern of yours, consider this product the three musketeers of anti-aging body scrubs. Each ingredient puts up an efficient and powerful fight against aging.

  1. Himalayan Pink Salt enhances skin elasticity.
  2. Coconut Oil minimizes wrinkles by producing and replacing collagen.
  3. Coffee limits sun damage (photoaging), smooths the skin, decreases wrinkle formation and is anti-inflammatory.

We do not recommend using the Skin Tight Body Scrub internally or on your face. 

Our “Hello, Hey Joe” Eye Serum heals the progression of age around the eyes.


Apply Skin Tight, twice a week, in the shower on loose and cellulite-prone areas of your body. Increase frequency as needed.  Do not use on Skin Tight on your face.


Ingredients: Coffee, Coconut Oil, Pink Himalayan Salt